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I realized I haven’t blogged about anything that’s emotional, or dramatic.. you know, the common self-reflection shiz that was so common here in the blogosphere back in the early 2000 when people mostly blogged about feelings rather than hobbies.

I can’t believe I’m still using the word “blogosphere”. 

Come to think of it, I still mostly use the word “self-portrait” rather than “selfie”.

And this is how self-reflection comes to me now: continual awareness of the language that I am using and how it objectively places my identity in the present culture, observance of the trends in my present generation, and once in a while, random book and movie analysis.  

Gone are the “why do I exist?”, “why is everything so sad?”, “why are people so sad?” pondering.

And even now, I wonder if it’s the same thing with bloggers who started around 2000s too.

And I wonder if this is another effect of the internet in this generation. People have access to so many information and so they occupy their minds with thoughts about these informations and neglect looking into themselves in a light that is unadulterated by stereotypes dictated online (example: quiz on what kind of disney princess are you?)

Once upon a time, when you happened to visit a person’s blog, you are taken into this intimate moment where you almost feel like you are looking straight into a person’s soul, a real human soul. And she’s open and real and she tells you things that she normally wouldn’t tell people she knows, not even her family or friend.

Bloggers in the past write things the same way people put secret messages in a bottle and throw them to the sea. 

Now when you visit a blog, the first thing that comes into your mind is what category it is in. And you proceed to looking at pretty pictures of food. 

Come to think of it, people don’t do so much as look at a blog, let alone actually read it.

But I am not complaining or anything. These are just observations. Observations that I believe majority has pondered upon too. And probably written about too one boring Saturday morning when they felt like pouring their heart out in a blog post, but found out they don’t have any strong emotions to let out, and they’ve become empty shells, and they check themselves if they’re indeed becoming stereotyped, and whether it’s a good thing or bad, or if this is what it means to be normal.

After what felt like a gazillion years, I finally got to shoot again yesterday. And need I say that I just love working with these siblings?

I’m not going to pretend that I had a major, concrete inspiration for this shoot. If anything, it must have just been the gloomy weather lately. It felt great though to have decided before hand to shoot everything in black and white. I’m not sure if I was able to achieve that old-school, 60s look that I’ve been going for. I’m not really that good in styling and make-up (this one woman act definitely has its limitations). But at least I’m able to explore this aspect of photography.

Styling, make-up, and photography by yours truly.
Special thanks to my sister Prescilla for assisting during the shoot, and for sharing to me her fondness for old films.

Quick Review: Edge of Tomorrow

Really right now, I should be doing something else that’s more productive. But I think I wouldn’t feel how quick these type of reviews should be unless I squeeze them between a busy schedule.

So on to the movie. The idea had been captivating since I first saw it in the trailers. It somewhat reminds me of Groundhog Day, a movie I kept on seeing on cable TV back when I was really really young. I can’t really remember the story anymore of course, except for the fact that the main character is stuck in a time loop where he wakes up everyday, on the same day. Much like what’s happening on the Edge of Tomorrow.

This movie has a really good scifi feel to it. And I always get a high when watching really good scifi movies. I find it sad though that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make scifi movies these days that aren’t a part of a huge franchise. This particular movie, despite the glowing reviews and Tom Cruise as the lead actor, hasn’t even reached break-even as of the time that I’m writing this.

It makes me wonder what people really know about science fiction. There are so many people right now who declares scifi as their favorite genre, mainly because of the superhero movies, but I have only met a handful of people who are true scifi fans. And this is odd because a lot of people watch Big Bang theory, and you have to be a little bit of scifi geek inside to fully appreciate the show.

But what am I saying. I digress. But it’s boring to just straight out say that Edge of Tomorrow is a great movie, although in truth, it really is.

It’s cool too that the metal armor that they were wearing reminds me a lot of Terran units from StarCraft.

Quick Review: X Men Days of the Future Past

Did I even get the title right? It’s been less than an hour since I went out of the cinema. I’m really trying to make these quick reviews as quick as possible.

So the title was a bit of a puzzle for everyone, but I think it’s one of the best movie titles this year because it makes people curious, hence its gets talked about. It definitely made me curious, but about 10 minutes into the movie, anyone can figure it out.

As early as now, I’m confessing that I liked it very much. This is a popular opinion too because the movie got really high ratings both in IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes (note: I always check ratings right after watching). The latter is especially strict on giving “fresh” ratings as people there are really hard to please.

So I see two main reasons for this rating: the plot and the characters.

The plot, could have been as potentially confusing as the title was. But just like the title, it made sense a few minutes into the movie, and even added a little more dimension to the cinematography, especially on the scenes where they kept on switching between the past and the future. Normally, that would have been headache-inducing, but my brain was too busy thinking about how cool it was to notice.

The characters were hands-down phenomenal, well-executed and the casting was great. There was Tyrion (Trask), Katniss (Raven), Mr. Tumnus from Narnia (Xavier), Todd from Kick-Ass(Quicksilver), and Juno! There were plenty more other awesome castings that I’m not going to mention anymore because I’m starting to sound like a movie geek — which I’m not. But I think our generation as a whole is starting to become a generation of movie geeks.

Btw, I just have to mention this because I’m just caught up right now at how cool Peter Dinklage is, but his character in the movie, Dr. Bolivar Trask, isn’t even a dwarf to start with. Bad casting? I don’t think anyone’s complaining!

I could really go on and on but this is a quick review so as a conclusion, it’s definitely a great movie, the best I’ve seen this year so far and the only movie that can probably beat it in my books is The Hobbit this December.

Lastly, if you’ve seen the 90s animated X-men series, and the first X-men trilogy, this movie can definitely be really nostalgic for you.